All About Mrs. Stantial

Hi my name is Mrs. Stantial and I was born on March 29, 1980.  I have amazing parents Donna and Lewis who live in Beverly.  I also have an older brother Kevin who lives in California and I have a younger brother named Scott who lives in Beverly.  I had a wonderful dog growing up named Skippy.   I grew up in Beverly and actually went to the North Beverly School as a child.   I graduated from Beverly High School in 1998.  I was a cheerleader and played on the softball team.  I live with my fantastic husband Mr. Stantial who loves to play basketball and my beautiful daughters Abby and Allie.

I went to Westfield State College and received my bachelor's degree in elementary education and psychology.  I then began substituting at the North Beverly School when I was out of college.  I became a substitute for Mrs. Hall when she had a baby and also was a substitute in the Resource Room while Mrs. Reilly had her baby.  I was hired as a fourth grade teacher and taught in that grade for one year.  I was moved to third grade and have been teaching now for thirteen years.  I got my master's degree from Salem State in Special Education.  I love teaching and watching children grow each day. 

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