Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November Optional Realistic Pizza Book Report

 Realistic Fiction Pizza Book Report
  • This month you need to select a book within the realistic fiction genre.  (Suggestions are attached to this sheet.)  Your book should be at least 75 pages long.
  • If you choose a book that’s not on the attached list it must be approved by your teacher by Friday, November 8th.
Suggested Timeline:
_____           Book selected by Friday, November 8th.
_____           Book read by Monday, November 18th.
_____           Pizza started by Friday, November 22nd.
_____           Pizza handed in on Wednesday, November 27th.
Realistic Fiction Pizza Book Report
This book project is to read a realistic fiction book and create a pizza that accurately reflects all aspects of your book and provides evidence from your book for each story element.
  1. After you have read your book, start your pizza with a round piece of paper, at least 12” in diameter, for the crust.
  2. Divide the crust into the eight slices and label each slice according to the directions below.
  3. Fill in each slice with both words and pictures.  You may draw, paint, or color your own illustrations OR you may use clip art or photos to decorate your pizza.
  4. The most important rule is to…BE CREATIVE!  You can make your pizza 3-dimensional using construction paper or other materials.  Think of other ways to make your project uniquely your own and to entice other students to “take a bite” out of your book.
  5. Be neat and organized.  Need I say more?
  6. Include DETAILS!  Quality details in your words, quotes, and art work determine the difference between the grade of a 3 and a 4.
  7. Have fun!
  8. Be ready to share your pizza with the class on the day that it is due.
Pizza Slice Directions
Be sure to include…
Slice #1
The book title (capitalized and underlined)
The author
Your name (BIG)
A picture
Slice #2
Describe the time and place in detail.
Example:  This story took place in ______________. It all happened during ____________. ADD A COUPLE MORE DETAILS!
Slice #3
1 Main Characters, 3 character traits to describe them, and a picture of them
Example: Winnie, the young heroine of the story, is a curious, adventurous, and independent girl who is tired of being told what to do by her mother and grandmother.
Slice #4
Conflict (The problem)
Example: The conflict arises when the Tuck family drinks from a spring which makes them immortal, unable to grow old or die.  When Winnie, a young girl, finds out their secret, they decide to kidnap her in order to keep their secret safe!
Slice #5
Connection (Make two connections between this story and: another story you’ve read, an event in your life, or something happening in the world.)
Example:  This story reminds me of the book ______ because ___________.
Slice #6
Questions  (List three questions you have after reading the book.)
Ask the author, ask a character, or ask about something you’re wondering.
Slice #7
Resolution (This is how the conflict is solved.)
Example: The Tucks problem of being immortal is resolved when __________.  Winnie is brought back to her house when _________.
Slice #8
A detailed, colored drawing of your favorite part of the text, along with a caption of what you drew.

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